Exercise 1


1. “Research”
Read your background information and discuss as needed

2. “Design”
Come up with three quick ideas for staging this using a new technology of your choosing. You won’t be building (this time) so don’t limit it to what you know, although you should limit it to what is possible. You may interpret this as either three different approaches or three different technologies, depending on what makes sense to you

3. “Visualize”
Sketch or otherwise quickly visualize your three ideas. You will be sharing with the class, but don’t worry too much about being perfect, just get the idea across



1. Take one of your three ideas, figure out how to build it.

2. How are you going to do this? What do you need? What problems are you going to run into?

3. Think about time (beginning, middle, end) and audience. Think about your “pedagogical moment.”

4. At the end present your three ideas, the one you selected (and why), and the issues you are going to need to overcome to make it work.

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